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After 18 continuous years of development and opening more terrain each year, we are one of the biggest cat skiing operations in the world. We can ski on all aspects of all of our mountains, which means that we can link up runs more efficiently with less time in the snowcat. Our terrain is also protected from wind in many areas where we ski.

Some of the key features of our terrain are:

  • 8 main mountains + numerous ridges and sub-peaks
  • Over 700 named runs
  • 40% Expert, 40% Advanced, and 20% Intermediate terrain
  • 220 km of snowcat roads 
  • 47 drainages with 5 -15 runs in each
  • Altitude Range: 7300 ft. - 4000 ft. (most runs are between 1500m - 2200m)
  • Average Run Length: 1000 - 1400 vertical ft.
  • 20,000 Acres of terrain
  • Longest Run: 1800 vertical ft.
We do not have any glaciated terrain or any terrain that we would call true alpine terrain. However, we do have some of the best glade skiing in the world. We believe that this type of skiing is the most rewarding because the snow quality is always better! Not only is the snow quality far less affected by wind and sun, but it also means that we can often ski steeper lines, allowing us to play with terrain features. Once people have tried this type of powder skiing/riding there is no going back…

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